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Scott Lupardo - President / Owner

Scott with his son Matthew, who joined the team in 2014, are always looking into the future of our industry and believe that customer service is still the staple that differentiates us from our competition.


Long Island City has proven to be a very convenient area to expand our business into the commercial burner boiler parts and heavy equipment market. This includes plan and spec work with our highly respected commercial Weil McLain boiler line.


We are both strong supporters in our industry and look forward to many more years of success and building on old and new relationships. Both myself and Matthew, along with our entire staff would like to thank you for all your support ...past, present and future.


Very truly yours,

Scott Lupardo 

President – AMAF SUPPLY 


71 years of delivering quality.

In 1947, two brothers, Lenny and Sante DeLeo, opened a wholesale supply business.  As is common, they named the business after their grandchildren, and used the first letters of their grandchildren’s names to launch AMAF Supply.  Sante’s son Henry joined the business and in the early years, there were three separate branches of AMAF Supply.


In 1973, Lenny’s widow sold AMAF Supply to Frank Granieri.  When Frank bought the business it was located at 59-33 Fresh Meadow Lane, Fresh Meadows. Prior to his purchase of AMAF Supply, Frank had been involved in several companies, including a family oil business which he left at an early age to “strike out” on his own.  He operated an industrial catering company, a Carvel ice cream store, and a trucking business. He really wasn't prepared for the wholesale supply house industry, but spent countless hours learning the business. There were many late nights that he often wondered what he had gotten himself into as he pored over the books, worked on paperwork and learned new products.


AMAF Supply moved to the service road of the L.I.E. in 1974.  It was in 1982 that Scott Lupardo sought a job. As a high school student he worked part time and during the summer, doing all of the grunt jobs. Scott attended Queens College for 1 ½ years and graduated from Queensborough at night with his degree in business, all the while working at AMAF.  Starting at the bottom and working his way up to positions of responsibility, he saw how the future was going and started to expand into the commercial end of the business.  Scott then became Vice President and a shareholder.


In 1999, Frank suddenly passed away and Scott took over the entire business.  Scott has brought AMAF to where it is today.  He is vocal in expressing his opinions when he feels his industry and his customers have been wronged. Scott has worked long and hard to ensure fair treatment from manufacturers and associations for wholesalers and customers.


Today, AMAF Supply is a top supplier.

With a full warehouse of gas and oil boilers, burner parts, combustion controls and A/C units and parts, AMAF Supply has grown to be one of the top HVAC supply companies. Our clients have been ordering from us for years because of our customer service, availability of parts and quick delivery time. 

AMAF Supply is conveniently located right off of the Long Island Expressway, just outside the Midtown Tunnel.  Our new building extends from Van Dam Street through to Greenpoint Avenue. Stop in or call to discuss any of the many products readily available to you.

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