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What a customer is to us here at AMAF Supply !

1- The most important person in the building-- in person, by phone or by mail.

2- Is not dependent on us—we are dependent on them!

3- Is not an interruption of our work-They are our purpose of it. We are not doing him or her a favor by serving them. They are giving us the opportunity to do so.

4- Is not an outsider to our business, they are part of it.

5- Is not a cold statistic, they are flesh and blood human beings with feelings and emotions like our own with biases and prejudices.

6- Is not someone to argue with or match wits with—no one ever won an argument with a customer.

7-Is the person who brings us their wants. It is our job to handle the opportunity profitably to them and ourselves.

Thank you for your order from all of us at AMAF Supply!

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